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Paola Barbetti Böhm tourist guide in Florence

Paola Barbetti Böhm tourist guide in Florence

I am  Paola, a wife and mother of four children. I’ve named the last child Michelangelo (after you-know-who…I  couldn’t resist). I’m a life-long resident of Florence, an expert in world history and Italian and European art history and have been a licensed guide since 2010.

Three good reasons for not visiting Florence without me:
  • It is easier: you can pull your nose out of Google Maps or Lonely Planet and devote your full attention to the beautiful things you’ve come to Florence to see.
  • It is smarter: think of 2,000 years of extraordinary events, unique works of art, famous people, and brilliant ideas... And i have it all in my head for you!
  • It is more practical: see the two points immediately above. Are you on holiday or not?!
Three very noticeable flaws that I possess:
  • I am fastidious and choose with obsessive care what to tell my clients. When in doubt, I prefer to remain silent.
  • I am shamelessly in love with Florence, the city of my birth - and when you are in love...
  • I cannot work for free. Unfortunately, guides also have to pay the bills...and I cannot thank my ancestors enough for this.
Three of my better qualities:
  • I am curious - and curiosity is contagious…even my most reluctant clients eventually become infected with my curiosity and passion.
  • I am grateful – I regard the attention and interest my clients give to me during a visit as a precious gift.
  • I am patient - a rare virtue in Florentines, so take advantage of it!

Three plus three plus three, “la prova del nove”…the Italian litmus test… it always works!!

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Florence Classic
Private Tour

paola barbetti böhm tourist guide in Florence
The perfect itinerary for first-time visitors to Florence

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Florence and its materials

tabernacle stone cutted - paola barbetti tourist guide florence

Detail of the tabernacle “Art of Stone Masters and Wood “- Orsanmichele.

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architecture in Florence

A journey through the architecture of the Florentine Renaissance and today

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in Florence Tour

Florence synagogue

The Florence’s synagogue

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The British and Americans in Florence from the 18th and 19th centuries

Sites, houses, hotels and tombs

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Sites of the “Coena Domini”
Florentine Last Suppers of the 13th to 16th Centuries

Florence’s Monastic Dining Halls, from the 1300’s through 1600’s.


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